Introduction to a New Worldview

What has been the impact on our lives of the scientific discoveries that have been made since Einstein's theory of relativity? Is our mechanistic worldview outdated?
How come mystical experiences of spiritual masters from all religions coincide with the findings of quantum physics?
Is spirit a product of brain activity or does spirit use the brain as a tool?
Could the universe create itself from nothing, as atheistic scientists claim?
What do physical experiments such as the double-slit experiment tell us about our universe?
Can Einstein's equation E = mc2 be understood by a layperson?
Is there an afterlife? Do miracles occur? Is possession just a mental illness? What about spiritualistic phenomena? Why does God allow suffering in the world?
This book provides answers to these and many other questions with convincing and comprehensible arguments.
It takes into account the latest scientific findings in order to explain the basics of our existence in easily understandable terms.