Including a comprehensive Chapter about the Shroud of Turin

This book ist the result of a life-long attempt to find out what Jesus was really like.


In a research-based narrative of his public ministry, Manfred Bauer paints a nuance vivid portrait of Jesus. The author invites his readers to check it against the documentary evidence and to place Jesus in perspective by comparing him to spirirual masters from other religions.


What can the Shroud of Turin tell us about the Resurrection? Does its image show us Jesus´ actuel face? The author demonstrates that all the facts speak fort he authenticity of this Shroud. With forensic meticulousness he proves that the 1988 radiocarbon dating that „exposed“ it as a medieval forgery was manipulated. In detail it is described, how the manipulation probably took place, who directed this and for what reasons.



The aim of this book is to help people gain a better understanding of Jesus in historical context as well as of his impact on over 2000 years of human history.